How To Check Fake Followers On Instagram, How They Affect Your Account

How to ‘Increase followers on Instagram’ many of you may have searched this term to quickly increase your follower base. You must have come across some websites that file a claim to increase your followers in exchange for money.

For your kind information, the followers they offer are fake. These fake followers greatly affect your account in many ways discussed below.

The main focus of this post is ‘How you can check if someone has fake followers or real followers’

Instagram is an app where you connect to people, share photos, memes, videos, and chat. People love it when their followers increase while they post something creative or funny but some people gain followers or rather say fake followers by using some bad tricks.

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How to Check Fake Instagram Followers?

There are many ways to check whether the person has fake followers or not. A few of them are listed below.

Random account names

You can check the person’s followers list for account names. If you find that an account name is very random like ‘hrsh2891’ or ‘szz187’ or something like this, then that may be a fake or bot account.

Usually, Most of these bot accounts are registered by foreign names.

Post Engagement

Post engagement is the number of likes or comments that a single post of a person gets compared with its number of followers.

A person with fake followers will have very low post engagement that is most of the posts would have very few likes and comments as compared with the number of followers.

The average engagement rate of a person lies between 1-5%.

Follower and Following

If you are confused about whether the account is bot/fake or not you can always check the followers and following of that account. 

Usually, the bot accounts have a large number of following than followers with 0 or 2-3 random posts. If you find this you can be sure that this is a fake account.

How fake followers affect your Instagram account?

There is a number of ways in which fake followers affect your growth. A few of them are listed below.

Reach Of Your Posts

If you are using fake followers to grow your account, stop it as soon as possible as according to Instagram algorithms it only promotes those accounts which have a good engagement rate, and if you have fake followers your engagement rate would be very low.

Therefore, your post will not be shown in the recommendation of other people which will ultimately stop the growth of your Instagram account.

Account Ban

Using fake followers can lead to an account ban. Many people who have fake followers in their accounts have got their accounts banned.

If Instagram finds you using too many fake followers it restricts your account and finally bans it.

Brand Promotion

Brands always look for people having a large number of followers to promote their product, but with a number of followers, they also look at the engagement rate of the account.

So, if you have fake followers you will have less engagement rate, therefore brands will not reach you for promoting their product, no matter how many followers you have.

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